The Institute of Geophysical Instrument Design was founded in 1993 and now it is one of the leading organizations on meteorological support of civil aviation in Russia. Since the Institute foundation we are engaged in automation of aviation meteorological support using rich experience gained in Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory when developing equipment for meteorological observations.

Starting with upgrade of KRAMS-2, the last Soviet automated meteorological station and up to development and widespread implementation of our up-to-date airfield information and measuring system AMIS-RF, we have always offered the state-of-art technologies, full compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements and attention to all requests for system adaptation to local operation conditions. Our systems provide aviation with meteorological information on more than 40 airfields in Russia and CIS countries.

Over the years we have implemented several tens of successful projects and gained a unique experience allowing us to perform very

 complicated works on installation, configuration and commissioning of meteorological measurement systems within the shortest possible time.


Our specialists perform on-site installation, mounting and configuration of hardware and software systems developed and manufactured by the Institute of Geophysical Instrument Design and other domestic or foreign-made meteorolog

ical measuring equipment.

We have years 

of experience in working with various meteorological equipment, as well as strong relationships with its manufacturers. The Institute of Geophysical Instrument Design provides all turnkey works from purchase of equipment to commissioning of the whole complex.

 Thus, we are able to implement any solution for our customers taking into account specific nature of the site.